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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Thanks for reading, Emil O. W. Kirkegaard - are you still hiding out from the law at Das Landhaus Adlon?

Apparently racist weirdo Emil O. W. Kirkegaard hate-reads Pinkerite, as I discovered today.

He included a screen cap of my previous post, but of course did not include a link to my site because he's a chickenshit loser.

It's so good to know that my website has the ability to annoy a Nazi POS, even a little.

Kirkegaard is mad at me and Oliver Smith because back in 2016 racist crackpot Richard Lynn told Kirkegaard that he could say he's affiliated with The Ulster Institute for Social Research, which Kirkegaard continued to do until at least September 2023, but Smith told me, with evidence, that very recently the Ulster Institute says Kirkegaard is NOT affiliated. And I found Smith's evidence credible.

Hey Kirkegaard, if there's confusion over your affiliation, the source of the problem is at the Ulster Institute. Here's a thought - contact them and get them to send you a letter explaining what happened some time between 2016 and 2024, to cause your disaffiliation, and then share it publicly.

Unless of course you are lying - and you already knew Ulster Institute no longer considered you affiliated but you kept on making the claim anyway, because contrary to your phony insouciance, an affiliation with the Ulster Institute does mean something.  It makes it look like you have a bona fide institutional affiliation, which might impress someone who does not know anything about the Ulster Institute.

I'll bet that's how Kirkegaard got invitations to the International Society for Intelligence Research until Abdel Abdellaoui blew the whistle on him for having no credentials.

You have to laugh at Kirkegaard's reply to his rightwing ghoul friends like "Based Psychologist" concerning the fact that the Manhattan Institute settled out of court over its defamatory article.  Kirkegaard downplays the fact that the Manhattan Institute recognized it had no legal grounds to stand on, and would be publicly embarrassed by the story in the media (not to mention the potential reputational risk of being associated with Kirkegaard) if they went to court, which is no doubt why they settled. 

In my post I speculated that the Manhattan article was published at the behest of Kirkegaard. Even though he posted a screen cap of my saying this, I notice Kirkegaard does not deny it.

It's also funny that Kirkegaard complains that Smith is "causing trouble" when Kirkegaard has devoted his life to promoting racism and in addition, avoids paying his legal bills by taking refuge with Nazis


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