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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Emil Kirkegaard and the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR)

David Lubinski of Vanderbilt University
and his pal Linda Gottfredson, 
racist extremist


Nobody is too racist for the International Society
for Intelligence Research

The connection between Emil Kirkegaard and the International Society for Intelligence Research was made embarrassingly clear last year, when Kirkegaard was disinvited from the annual Racist Rodeo.

As Rational Wiki notes:

Emil Kirkegaard was a scheduled speaker at an International Society for Intelligence Research 2022 conference at University of Vienna, but was prevented from speaking after a keynote speaker at the same event complained, describing Kirkegaard as a "careless racist lunatic" and a "notorious individual".[41][42][43]
Two weeks before the ISIR conference, the preliminary speaker program was shared with the speakers. I noticed that one of the scheduled speakers was a notorious individual, known for an unhealthy obsession for trying to prove that race differences in IQ and other social traits were due to inborn and immutable genetic differences. Besides a reputation for sloppy scientific work in dubious journals, he was also well known for an obnoxious social media presence, regularly posting messages and memes denigrating a wide range of marginalized groups. This behavior has garnered him a large following of, largely anonymous, online fans. He is a leading figure and major contributor to the bad reputation of intelligence and genetics research. On top of this reputation, this individual has never been part of any credible research program, PhD program, or university, which made it all the more surprising to me that he was invited to speak at the same academic conference as me. I decided to publicly cancel my talk, as I did not want to be associated with this individual. I did not want his reputation to negatively affect mine, or my reputation to positively affect his. I felt obligated, both as a scientist and a second generation immigrant (I’ve seen him specifically target my own minority group as well), to distance myself from this malevolent force. Eventually, my action caused multiple other complaints, including a student petition, after which the ISIR board decided to remove this person from the speaker list, after which I re-joined the conference.

Justin Ward at the Southern Poverty Law Center, in an article WIKIPEDIA WARS: INSIDE THE FIGHT AGAINST FAR-RIGHT EDITORS, VANDALS AND SOCK PUPPETS writes:

One of the bedrock principles of Wikipedia is the assumption of good faith. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, edits are assumed to be made with the intent of improving the encyclopedia. Editors who attempt to insert their ideological bias but maintain the semblance of civility are given the benefit of the doubt until their disruption becomes apparent enough to warrant action by administrators. Civil POV-pushers can disrupt the editing process by engaging other users in tedious and frustrating debates or tie up administrators in endless rounds of mediation.

Users who fall into this category include racialist academics and members of the human biodiversity, or HBD, blogging community. Often these are single-purpose accounts that exclusively edit on topics like race and intelligence, racial classification and bios of related researchers, like Linda Gottfredson or Helmuth Nyborg. Some have direct ties with racist journals or organizations, like Mankind Quarterly editor Gerhard Meisenberg. Emil Kirkegaard, who edits frequently under the username Deleet, is a research fellow at Richard Lynn’s Ulster Institute for Social research and the co-founder of the online pseudojournal OpenPsych. 

Now to understand how very comfortable the International Society for Intelligence Research is with someone like Emil Kirkegaard, consider that all the people named in connection with him: Gottfredson, Nyborg, Meisenberg and Richard Lynn have all been welcome at ISIR. Gottfredson won the ISIR Lifetime Achievement Award. Both Meisenberg and Lynn were on the editorial board of Intelligence, the publication of ISIR.

Speaking of Richard Lynn - he appears to be dead, finally. All the other racists are very sad.

Emily Willoughby is not mentioned in the SPLC article but she is very much one of the Wikipedia warriors, per RationalWiki:

Willoughby had made a lot of edits pushing race and intelligence pseudoscience (as 
Ferahgo the Assassin on) Wikipedia[37] In 2010, Willoughby opposed banning her boyfriend Jonathan Kane (alias Captain Occam) and the neo-Nazi editor Michael Coombs (alias User:Mikemikev) from the race and intelligence article, writing "they aren’t the ones causing a problem here" despite evidence to the contrary.[38] Kane and Mikemikev were both topic banned in June 2010 after arbitration found them to have edit-warred and caused disruption.[39]

Edits on her account reveal Willoughby is sympathetic to the controversial race and intelligence views of the white supremacist Richard Lynn:

The way it's worded makes it sounds like the article Wikipedia is expressing this point of view specifically (that Lynn's conclusions are incorrect, etc) instead of making it clear that these critiques are held by other professionals.[40]

Willoughby also complained about an article highlighting Lynn's connections to the eugenics Pioneer Fund[41] and took issue with critical sources being added to his biographical page.[42]

In October 2010, Willoughby was topic banned from editing race and IQ related articles.[43] The following month she was back to her old tricks removing critical sources about a eugenicist.[44] Willoughby and Kane were both "site-banned from Wikipedia for a period of no less than one year" on May 14, 2012.[45] The reason was for sharing an IP address.[46] Shortly before being site banned in a rant titled "Good riddance to Wikipedia", Willoughby admitted to being a proponent of hereditarianism and defended Mikemikev again.[47]

Willoughby was unbanned on Wikipedia on March 28 2014.[48] For the next five years, she avoided editing about race and IQ, but in January 2019 she appealed her topic ban which was still in place.[49]

Magnus Pharao (alias Maunus), an anthropologist who debated Willoughby and Kane on Wikipedia in the 2010s, noted on his Twitter account on August 12, 2022:

The two of them were pushing race and IQ "science" on Wikipedia for years, both being banned for doing so incessantly and deceptively […] That's also where I first met Emil Kirkegaard, he was working with them some of the time. Kirkegaard's username was Deleet. Kane and Willoughby worked a good cop bad cop routine, she more or less followed the rules and stayed civil, he didn't and was banned, and when he was banned he edited from her account, and when it was discovered they shared, she was banned too. Kane's MO was to contact as many "hereditarians" offline as he could and get them to weigh in in discussions to create a majority against the idea that Race and IQ research is considered fringe pseudoscience.[50][51]

Kane and Willoughby have defended Emil Kirkegaard and they all edited race and IQ related articles with overlapping edits as a sort of 'tag-team' with the same point of view.[52][53][54]

Emily Willoughby is currently a board member of the International Society for Intelligence Research. Demonstrating that, in spite of the 2022 banning of Emil Kirkegaard from the ISIR's conference, 

Nobody is too racist for the International Society for Intelligence Research.

I asked two ISIR bigwigs David Lubinski and his wife Camilla Benbow, both mainstream members of Academia, if Emil Kirkegaard would be returning to the 2023 conference but got no response. However, Kirkegaard being disinvited from the 2022 conference did not stop ISIR from publishing him in "Intelligence" in May-June 2023:

And in case you're wondering if the presence of Kirkegaard bothered Steven Pinker, both Pinker and Kirkegaard were represented at the ISIR Racist Rodeo in 2017 and not a word of complaint from Pinker.

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