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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Claire Lehmann: "Cops was cancelled! It's the Cultural Revolution!"

Quillette founder Claire Lehmann is a race science-monger and a ninny and her meltdown over the cancellation of COPS among other things is one of the funniest examples of her ninnitude. 

She compares decisions made by free-market organizations like Paramount and HBO Max, doing what they feel is in their best - and most profitable - interests - to the Cultural Revolution.

Lehmann is a case study of how far someone who is not very bright can go thanks to the wingnut welfare system of the Right.

Christina Hoff Sommers, another idiot beneficiary of right-wing largess - and in her case indisputably from Koch - is also sad about the fruits of capitalism but she compares it to 1984.

The IDW are such drama queens when it comes to decisions made by capitalists.

What likely bothers the Weird Sisters of the IDW most is the removal of statues to white supremacists, the people who hold beliefs most closely aligned with Quillette. Here is Lehmann being sad about the loss of the Colson statue.

According to the NYTimes article:
Colston has long been a problematic presence in Bristol, 120 miles (195 kilometers) southwest of London. He was a senior official in the Royal African Company, which in the late 1600s trafficked 80,000 African men, women and children to slavery in the Americas. About 20,000 died on the journey. 
Bristol went on to become Britain’s biggest port for slave ships during the early 18th century. Ships based in the city transported at least half a million Africans into slavery before Britain outlawed the slave trade in 1807. Many 18th-century Bristolians helped fund the trade and shared in the profits, which also built handsome Georgian houses and buildings that still dot the city.

Lehmann and the rest of the IDW hate the 1619 Project because it is unvarnished history, which is anathema to race science mongers pushing the "human biodiversity" belief that African Americans are the victims of their own genetic inferiority.

Part of the hereditarian project against the recognition of the history of slavery and its aftermath is denying the evil of slavers and white supremacists. So of course Lehmann is crying for the statue of Colson.

It's funny I don't remember right-wingers being sad when they toppled the statue of Saddam Hussein.

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