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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Emil O. Kirkegaard and his friends

Pinkerite has written about Emil O. Kirkegaard, whose work was promoted by Charles Murray.

He's mentioned in passing in a column written about Toby Young by comedian Stewart Lee which I blogged about yesterday.

But Kirkegaard isn't only admired by Charles Murray.  Kirkegaard has a contingent of Nazis who will jump on a Twitter thread and defend him and attack his enemies.

And I don't mean Nazis in any hyperbolic Godwin's law sense. I mean actual, self-confessed Nazis.

This is not surprising. But it's important to recognize how much rightwing extremists love promoters of race science.

Here is Nazi Ed admitting to be a Nazi.

Nazi Ed's tweet was retweeted by one person, Nazi "Kneeger Historian" who is much less subtle than Nazi Ed. From the silent-K name to the Schutzstaffel insignia to "parties like it's 1933."

These are Emil O. Kirkegaard's people. In addition to Charles Murray.

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