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Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Trump Reichstag fire strategy continues

The Trump campaign web site.

It isn't just Trump crazy-tweeting about antifa - the whole Republican establishment has gotten behind the antifa Reichstag fire strategy.

Few people outside Twitter even know what "antifa" is and Trump doesn't actually care about antifa which is a collection of probably 300 people at most who regularly attend anti-fascist demonstrations.

Trump's end game is to smear Democrats with the nebulous "terrorist" organization.

He's already made a move in that direction last August. Same with his boy Andy Ngo.

Then things got off-track thanks to the Ukrainian scandal that led to impeachment, and after that the coronavirus pandemic.

But now the antifa scheme is back on and it is likely that Andy Ngo & Republican committeewoman Harmette K. Dhillon will be working on that angle during their bogus lawsuit against antifa.

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