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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Jerry Coyne railing against the 1619 project again

If there is one thing that race pseudo-science promoters of the Intellectual Dark Web and their friends absolutely hate, it's people talking about Black American history. And that's because history is the most important weapon against the claim of hereditarians like Coyne, that the reason for African American failure to thrive post-Emancipation is due to their genetic inferiority.

So race science promoters will grab at any excuse to attack the 1619 project as Quillette, the leading media outlet for race pseudo-science, has done. Coyne expresses his love for Quillette's race war yet again. And he even admits that his argument is nit-picking bullshit.

Now some will argue that this is a trivial change, and to that I’d say: “Are you kidding? July 4, 1776 is an iconic date in American history, and the NYT wants to change it to August 20, 1619, so that the founding of America coincides with the arrival of the first slaves.”
It's a perfectly valid argument that 1619 was a founding moment in the creation of the United States of America. And nobody thinks it is meant to literally replace July 4, 1776. 

Coyne's is a stupid concrete-thinker argument, but stupid arguments are the only kind that addled-brained creeps like Jerry Coyne and his IDW friends can come up with. 

They don't give a damn that many articles in the 1619 project provide extremely important information and perspectives on the history of African Americans as I have discussed on this blog. They just want to stop those damn Black people from talking about their history.

I do have one gripe with Nikole Hannah-Jones and friends, and it's that they seem oblivious to the fact that the Intellectual Dark Web is an organized and extremely well-funded project of the Right to attack Black Americans through race science, and the 1619 project would of course be one of their targets. And they are attacking it endlessly. I don't think Hannah-Jones & company were sufficiently prepared for the attacks.

The Intellectual Dark Web and its friends like Jerry Coyne are at war with civil rights and human rights defenders.

Anybody who does anything in support of Black Americans must be constantly aware there is a war going on, and make preparations for the inevitable attacks from the Koch-funded  Charles Murray to the Mark Carnegie-funded Quillette to the Peter Thiel-funded Eric Weinstein, to the Michael O'Fallon-funded James Lindsay. 

And their leader is Donald Trump.

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