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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

VDARE supports Bo Winegard ~ racists helping racists

It absolutely makes sense that the hardcore racist VDARE would support a blatant racist like Bo Winegard.

Of course what they mean by "genetic inequality" is the race science belief that Black people are innately inferior due to genetics and that explains why Black people in the United States have failed to thrive, post-Emancipation. This goes hand in hand with the race science promoters' hatred of Black history, especially the 1619 project, which provides plenty of evidence of the systematic immiseration of Black people by the white majority in the last 150+ years including the looting of prosperous Black communities.

But it always helps to remember that Quillette not only employs Trumpist ratfucker Andy Ngo, it also employs racist Bo Winegard.

I missed this promotion of Winegard by VDARE and a related VDARE column by professional racist Steve Sailer back in March - probably because all the pandemic-related craziness started happening right about then.

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