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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Charles Murray in solidarity with professional racist Steve Sailer


We see how strongly Charles Murray feels about the career of professional racist Steve Sailer. So strongly that he complains to Twitter's Jack Dorsey and threatens to drop out of Twitter in solidarity with Sailer, who apparently was given a mere 12-hour timeout.

Adam Serwer and Jamelle Bouie have good responses on Twitter.

And I laughed aloud at this response.


I've mentioned Sailer often on this blog, especially in the context of Steven Pinker's support for his career. I also did a multi-part series on Sailer's professional career as a racist and the right-wing plutocrats who support him, starting here.

I've also noted Murray's cozy relationship with Sailer before this latest example.

These are Sailer's tweets with bogus unsupported claims about Black people and Black Lives Matter that got him suspended. 

What's interesting is that Sailer has been making these racist Republican beliefs explicit on Twitter for years, why did Twitter suddenly take notice?

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