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Sunday, January 3, 2021

James Lindsay - uncivil and possibly actionable

I think it's a matter of time before someone sues James Lindsay. 

His career is well-protected by the thick layer of wingnut welfare, and praised by people like Steven Pinker and promoted by Bari Weiss

He's already demonstrated that he is utterly shameless and in spite of his pretending to care about civility to the point of writing a book about it, he is uncivil to the point of obscenity.

Which doesn't seem to bother his Intellectual Dark Web supporters nor his pious, devout
Christian friends
and business partners.

As I've observed, there seems to be no standards in the world of the IDW and Quillette and associated grifts, none at all, except that an individual must hate Black Lives Matter and the 1619 project.

But now it appears to me that Lindsay has become so reckless, so certain he will be supported by wingnut welfare no matter what, he's crossed the line into defamation.

If he is sued for defamation, I'd be happy to kick in to a crowdfunding campaign for the plaintiff.

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