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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Proud Boys admit to being ratfuckers

Pinkerite has long believed that Antifa was the perfect vehicle for Trump's ratfucking:
Ngo's strategy is obviously a template for Trump's campaign: coordinate with far-right groups and the right-wing media machine to bait and even frame leftist groups in order to claim leftists are out of control and a danger to the country...

...It helps that actual members of Antifa won't reveal their identities nor pledge non-violence, making them the perfect boogeymen for the Trump campaign.
So it was good to see the leader of the Proud Boys admit that's exactly what they do.
Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio claimed in a post on conservative social media network Parler that some Proud Boys would dress in black to disguise themselves as left-wing “antifa” protesters.

“Watch out, January 6 — you ain’t gonna know who the fuck it is standing beside you,” prominent Proud Boy Joe Biggs said in a video posted to Parler.

It's odd that although the Trump campaign's "law and order vs. Antifa and Black Lives Matter" was a failure in that it did not get Trump reelected, Republicans are still using it, like violence-advocating, traitor to his country, Louie Gohmert:

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