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Thursday, March 11, 2021

More evidence of the looting of Black wealth

As this article in the NYTimes says:

Both Mr. Bruce and Mr. Shepard said that restitution was about more just than their family. They pointed to the long history of racism in the United States, and to stories of Black people being robbed of their land or the fruits of their labor.

This is the part of the history of Black Americans that the Right, from Trump to Koch to their toadies in the Intellectual Dark Web seek to erase by attacking the 1619 project.

It is especially an issue for the Intellectual Dark Web because the IDW is a group of people who are almost all proponents of race science, from Steven Pinker to Stefan Molyneux. In order to justify the claims of race science, that the Black failure to thrive in the United States after the days of slavery was due to the innate lower intelligence and higher criminality of Black genetics, the IDW seeks to erase knowledge of systemic racism - or, as Steven Pinker's pal Razib Khan scoffs "systemic racism."

Black families were not only terrorized by night riders in the South during Jim Crow - they were thwarted in every possible way from accumulating wealth thanks to a national system of racism, or as one might call it, systemic racism.

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