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Monday, March 22, 2021

The Human Strategy: How Green the Revolution

The Pinkerite mission requires focus on the race science swillers of the Intellectual Dark Web, Quillette and related organizations like the ironically named Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism  (FAIR) which includes as Advisors two of the most prominent race science promoters, Steven Pinker and Andrew Sullivan, plus Megyn "Jesus was white" Kelly.

But sometimes it's good to focus on the good guys, like anthropologists who offer alternatives to sociobiology and evolutionary psychology which are the bases of the IDW belief system. In particular anthropologists who are influenced by "infrastructural determinism" which is the key to cultural materialism, a research strategy developed and promoted by anthropologist Marvin Harris, a huge influence on Pinkerite. I've interviewed two of his former pupils, anthropologists R. Brian Ferguson and Maxine Margolis

Marvin Harris died almost 20 years ago now, but his work is hugely important and I refer people to his books whenever I can. Last year another former Harris student, anthropologist David Price organized a guide to Harris' papers at the Smithsonian and through that I discovered that Harris had written a column called "The Human Condition" for Natural History Magazine in 1972. The column entries are available on Archive.org but are hard to find so I'm finding them and posting them on this web site. I've shared three so far:

It's been awhile since I posted one and so figure it's time.

"How Green the Revolution," published in the June/July issue, discusses the problems of industrial farming associated with the Green Revolution, which led not only to pesticides poisoning the environment and the dangers of monoculture, but also economic changes that drove farmers off their land and into cities. Harris focuses on the Philippines which was in the early years of the disastrous reign of corrupt dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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