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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bo Winegard admits he's a racist.

Quillette's Bo Winegard has been an obvious racist since he said wanting to preserve a country's racial composition wasn't racist.

In case anybody wants to argue this doesn't make him a racist, he decided to call himself a racist in public, albeit with a synonym, "ethnoculturally conservative" which he misspelled enthoculturally.

Quillette is a publication dedicated to race science and to racism. Not only is Winegard listed as a member of the Quillette team, but eugenicist Toby Young is an associate editor

If you publish in Quillette you make it clear you are comfortable with that.

More about Quillette's ethnocultural conservatism in my two part series:

How conservative and white supremacist is Quillette? Part 1

How conservative and white supremacist is Quillette? Part 2

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