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Monday, April 19, 2021

Andrew Sullivan cries defamation because someone said he supports race science, then doubles-down on race science

When we last saw Andrew Sullivan here on Pinkerite, he was praising the Bari Weiss-promoted Brearley dad letter that said there has been no systemic racism since the 1960s. 

Well the Brearley dad controversy has yielded dividends. On one of the threads about the dad letter, Andrew Sullivan cried defamation because someone pointed out that he supports race science, a pseudo-science that claims that Black underachievement proves the Black "race" is evolutionarily less intelligent than other "races."

Sullivan then followed up by doubling-down on race science.

I was not surprised to see him retweeting Bo Winegard, professional racist.

Tom Scocca noted the absurdity.

Jamelle Bouie weighs in.

Now we may all have fun laughing at the logic fail of Andrew Sullivan but it's important to note that  Andrew Sullivan is now an Advisor for an organization, FAIR, which believes in the biological reality of race so strongly that it coined a term "Neo-racism" which includes only those who believe race is a social construct in this new definition of racism. And this organization is devoted to litigation.

I wonder if Bari Weiss, also a FAIR Advisor, tweeted the Brearley letter for the consideration of the FAIR legal experts as a possible legal action. 

Yes people like Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan are stupid and laughable, but it's likely they are backed by right-wing plutocrat money, like their pal Conor Friedersdorf.

Sure it's fun to laugh at dummies like Weiss and Sullivan, but it's quite possible for dummies, backed by a lot of money, to do a lot of harm on behalf of right-wing extremists.

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