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Friday, April 23, 2021

The American Humanist Association should take back Steven Pinker's humanist award too

As usual, PZ Myers has a great response - and I missed that Pinker
quoted Toby Eugenics Young Quillette editor, in his letter to the AHA

To nobody's surprise the right-wing/IDW/Quillette gang has come out in support of long-time bigot and obnoxious creep Richard Dawkins, because the American Humanist Association withdrew Dawkins' Humanist of the Year award.

The Friendly Atheist provides the details. Many of the usual suspects are supporting Dawkins and his anti-human bigotry: Ayaan Hirsi Ali (IDW, far-right, bigot); Shermer (IDW, race science, creep); Peter Boghossian (grifter, creep); Jerry Coyne (race science, Steven Pinker's #1 fanboy); Sam Harris (IDW, race science, dummy).

The article also flagged a number of atheist organization types who I will have to check out to see how much they support right-wing/race science/IDW beliefs.

And of course, Steven Pinker.

Pinker points out that other problematic people have received Humanist of the Year awards. He should be included in that list.

My question is, what took the AHA so long? Dawkins has been an incredible anti-Muslim, anti-woman bigot for years now. He only recently started attacking transexual rights, probably because all his friends are doing it. 

As for Pinker, this blog attests to Pinker's unconscionable career of promoting race pseudo-science, evolutionary psychology pseudo-science, Quillette, a rag for race science and anti-trans and other reactionary positions and Pinker has even promoted professional racists like Steve Sailer and Bo Winegard.

As usual, PZ Myers has a good response: Idolatry of the atheist kind is just as repellent as any other

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