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Monday, April 26, 2021

Has Cathy Young read Quillette?

Recently on Twitter, fellow critics of the IDW were discussing the fact that Lee Jussim (who is not a fan of Pinkerite) was once a critic of race science. I was surprised by this, I had assumed he was always a race science promoter, pushing terms from the segregationist south like "Equalitarianism" and forming a mutual admiration society with biosocial criminologist John Paul Wright.

But one of the fellow critics shared with me some threads from the time of Jussim's opposition to race science and I was surprised by this exchange. Cathy Young asked Jussim if he would turn his anti-race science argument into an article and said that Quillette would be an "obvious choice" for the submission.

Which is why I wonder if Cathy Young, who has written for Quillette has ever read Quillette. In all the years I've been tracking Quillette, I have not detected any evidence that it's ever published an article that argues against race science. It's always been clear to me, in spite of Quillette's claim to be about "free thought" that in fact it is dedicated to right-wing positions, including race science.

It would be surprising if they did run a critique of race science, since one of the people listed in Quillette's Who We Are (described elsewhere as "Quillette's team"), Bo Winegard, has a career that appears to be built entirely on a foundation of race science, in addition to the fact that he is a racist. I doubt Claire Lehmann, who has nurtured and defended the career of Winegard would suddenly turn on his very raison d'ĂȘtre.

The timeline of Jussim critiquing race science is curious. The screen cap of the argument I posted is from August 11, 2019, but Jussim was already declaring his admiration for biosocial criminologist John Paul Wright some time before June 2019, which is when I wrote about the Jussim-Wright connection. 

But could Quillette really have published an anti-race science piece and I somehow missed it? I tweeted to everybody on Quillette's Who We Are page (if they were on Twitter and hadn't blocked me) to ask. No response, of course.

I've been listening to Adam Rutherford's "How to Argue with a Racist" and he addresses Bo Winegard's "blacks are better at basketball" trope. I will be talking about Rutherford's work soon.

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