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Friday, May 14, 2021

The FAIR Board of Advisors - more lousy with right-wingers than ever

When we last looked at the advisory board of FAIR it was even lousier with right-wingers than at its founding, a mere month earlier

Now, another month later, even more changes are afoot with the Board, which seems pretty odd for an organization less than a year old.

So Helen Pluckrose is no longer on the board. However, Inaya Folarin Iman, "journalist, writer" is now in, and she's Pluckrose's political twin as can easily be seen by Pluckrose's appearance on the home page of The Equiano Project, of which Iman is the Founder and Director. The Equiano is your absolutely standard right-wing project, pretending to care about Black people while relentlessly attacking and lying about critical race theory, "wokeness" and Black Lives Matter.

Iman is also a pal of Douglas Murray, "conservative British political commentator" and named member of the Intellectual Dark Web who is also, surprise! another new member of the FAIR board of advisors.

The third new member of the board is Erec Smith who is, surprise surprise, an author at right-wing, race science-promoting Quillette.

So the Board lost one right-winger but added three more which means the FAIR board of advisors, which pretends to be, per Trump-loving Board member Christopher Rufo, a coalition of liberals, moderates and conservatives, is even more right-wing than ever. 

And with Pluckrose gone, the Board of Advisors is down to only one member - Boghossian - of the unholy trinity of shameless grifting weasels: Boghossian/Lindsay/Pluckrose.

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