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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The race pseudo-science Trojan horse: "viewpoint discrimination"

Steven Pinker, seen here opposing "viewpoint 
discrimination" by supporting the
race pseudo-science career
of Stefan Molyneux's pal, crackpot
Linda Gottfredson

Some on the Right are claiming to be against the denial of tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones but it looks to me as though they have decided to use that as a Trojan horse for the term "viewpoint discrimination."

The Koch-funded FIRE in its statement on the Hannah-Jones issue uses the term "viewpoint discrimination."

In his Atlantic article on the subject, the Koch-funded Conor Friedersdorf uses the term "viewpoint discrimination" nine times.

Conor Friedersdorf is an apologist for Steven Pinker's promotion of race pseudo-science.

Being opposed to viewpoint discrimination sounds great, but what the Right means in practice is that if you oppose someone promoting racist or sexist points of view you are practicing "viewpoint discrimination."

Inevitably the racist Right will use "viewpoint discrimination" to defend the promotion of race pseudo-science on behalf of racists like Quillette employee Bo Winegard and "biosocial criminologists" including John Paul Wright.

Quillette author Joshua Katz used the term in his lawsuit alleging that the American Council of Learned Societies practiced "viewpoint discrimination" against him. 

One of Katz's attorneys is Samantha Harris, a member of the board of advisors of the far-right-leaning FAIR. She is also a Senior Fellow at FIRE so understands why it's important to use exactly that phrase, "viewpoint discrimination."

So far FAIR has not pretended to care if Nikole Hannah-Jones' viewpoint was discriminated against.

Fun fact about Katz - he's been accused of sexual misconduct while teaching at Princeton.

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