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Monday, September 18, 2023

Carole Hooven accepts that sweet sweet wingnut welfare

Back in March, I predicted that Carole Hooven would get her very own Quillette byline, thanks to her willingness to promote neo-Nazi Bo Winegard, plus her connection to Steven Pinker.

But I should have aimed a little higher. 

Charles Murray, advocate of ethnicity-based job discrimination, reports that Hooven is now, like him, on the easiest of all possible career trajectories: wingnut welfare via the American Enterprise Institute.

And you know Hooven is presenting herself - the way all hereditarian stooges do when they get pushback - as a martyr.

Of course Jerry Coyne, when he isn't posting pictures of victims of the Holocaust,  portrays Carole Hooven as a victim - the real question is who does Coyne think had it worse, Hooven or Anne Frank.

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