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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Jerry Coyne traveling with his "CPAC for racists" pals ~ are those THIELBUX?

In the past I have speculated that the reason Jerry Coyne is constantly posting photos from his deluxe vacations is because he's on the payroll of a far-right plutocrat.

His latest vacation pix don't argue against it.

He identifies his travel pals as Anna Krylov and Jay Tanzman

Both have written for racist rag Quillette, and Krylov must be especially close to Peter Thiel through her work with his CPAC for racists.

I don't doubt this is part of their reward for doing what one or more rich men tell them to do, spreading race pseudoscience.

But hey, it's no doubt very easy money, if you don't have a conscience.

Speaking of Jerry Coyne, by request, I added my two cents worth to his Rational Wiki profile. Supposedly Coyne doesn't like Rational Wiki. I don't think he's going to like it any better now.

 More about Peter Thiel's funding schemes at Salon:
Then there was Compact Magazine, the hybrid "radical American journal" Ahmari co-founded last March with fellow Catholic Matthew Schmitz and Marxist populist Edwin Aponte. Its professed agenda was to wage "a two-front war on the left and the right" and promote "a strong social-democratic state that defends community — local and national, familial and religious — against a libertine left and a libertarian right." 

Although Compact has declined to specify who funds the magazine, a source familiar with its operations told Salon that it was launched with significant support from right-wing tech billionaire Peter Thiel — who has funded numerous other "new right" projects, from NatCon conferences to the political campaigns of J.D. Vance, Blake Masters and Josh Hawley — and Claremont Institute chair Tom Klingenstein (another top NatCon donor). Klingenstein did not respond to requests for comment. A source close to Thiel denied that Thiel has directly funded Compact, but couldn't rule out the possibility that an entity Thiel funds has in turn donated to the magazine. In a statement, Ahmari said, "Compact is an independent, for-profit publication supported by our subscribers. A group of investors helped us jump-start it. We respect their privacy and decline to name them." 

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