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Sunday, September 17, 2023

The terrible decline of Morrissey

I'm the right age that I should have been a huge Smiths fan in their heyday, but somehow I missed out on the humor and left-leaning (and anti-monarchist) political commentary and ineffable beauty of their greatest songs until well into my 40s and by then the Smiths were broken up and the magical synthesis that was Morrissey and Johnny Marr was no more.

But Morrissey had given signs of what was to come long before then, per The Guardian:

Yet other aspects of his character were on display even in his heyday. In 1986, Morrissey gave an interview to Melody Maker in which he claimed that a “black pop conspiracy” was keeping his band down, describing reggae as “the most racist music in the entire world” and declaring that he “detests … black modern music”.

You can get a pretty good idea of how low he has sunk by who his fans are now - the some-time employer of Steve Sailer, the viciously anti-immigration, white supremacist castle-owning VDARE is raffling tickets to see Morrissey

Morrissey claims he is not on the far right - but come on, the VDARE freaks would not love him this much except that he is.

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