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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Jerry Coyne and whoever JayMan is

(Anna) Krylov and her IDW pals are not even pretending anymore - they are just blatant about being far-right and racist ghouls.


I was certainly thinking of Jerry Coyne as one of Krylov's pals, since he teamed up with her to produce another right-wing sob story, but even so, I was still astounded that Jerry Coyne has sunk so low, he is using anonymous "human biodiversity" loser "JayMan" on his blog now.

Wow. Just when you think these freaks can't sink any lower.

JayMan's identity is unknown but he claims to be Black. I don't think there's any reason to believe the claims of whoever is behind their accounts until their identity is verified.

I assume Ron Unz knows JayMan's true identity since JayMan has worked for Ron Unz. Well, Unz's payments to Razib Khan, Steve Sailer and Gregory Cochrane showed up online one day, so maybe records showing his payment to JayMan will show up one day, with real name available.

Speaking of Gregory Cochran, here we can see him hanging with JayMan and the grubby pack of extreme racists and right-wingers like Razib Khan, Emil Kirkegaarrd and HBD Chick - another anonymous coward like JayMan

My theory is that HBD Chick and JayMan are both sock puppets of the same white nationalist man-baby.

But of course it is possible JayMan is Black. After all, Ron Unz himself, a Jewish holocaust denier, is a perfect example of an irrational self-hating weirdo. 

And then there are Claire Lehmann, Camille Paglia, Cathy Young and Christina Hoff Sommers, who have built careers on hating women.

There will always be some, of any ethnicity or gender, who will be happy to throw others under the bus for the right price.

By the way, if you ever doubt how much racist weirdos love Pinker, feast your eyes on JayMan's HBD Fundamentals - Pinker AND Judith Rich Harris, the patron saint of biosocial criminology - right Kevin Beaver?

So, while an extreme racist is posting on his blog, what is Jerry Coyne doing? 

And then... crickets

As we see in the exchange above with J. Farmer, JayMan, like Jonathan Haidt, mistakenly - or maybe deliberately - uses the term heritable when they mean inherited traits.

The second link goes to Scientific American which says:
The important thing to keep in mind is that inherited traits are directly passed down from parents to children, whereas heritable traits are not necessarily genetic.

Oh fun fact - JayMan confesses that Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate set them on the road to race pseudoscience!

Steven Pinker, a great academic, and whose 2002 book The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature introduced me to hereditarian explanations for human behavior (and which is required reading for anyone with no familiarity with the role that genes play in human behavior) has recently sent a note to Ron Unz attacking his mischaracterization of Richard Lynn’s position in Lynn’s response to Unz.

Even better, on the same page, JayMan offers an explanation for why Pinker is such a gigantic weasel about race pseudoscience:

Pinker has been one of the great voices speaking for the importance of heredity when explaining individual and gender differences, but he skirts around the truth when it comes to differences between groups. I think that Pinker’s response to Unz and Pinker’s discussion of Ashkenazi intelligence shows that Pinker knows full well about genetic contributions to group differences. But, he doesn’t endorse any of these. Why? Why be obtuse about facts? I think that this is because he fears Watsoning. He is the “Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University,” after all. One would imagine that this title at least provides him with an office with one of the really nice views. He doesn’t want to give that up, as his former university president Larry Summers was forced to do. Pinker’s own words about Richard Lynn to Unz tells us why:
You write as if Lynn were a well-respected psychologist whose findings have been widely accepted. This is very far from the case. Outside the circle of a handful of bloggers and behavioral geneticists he is somewhere between obscure and radioactive. (I believe several of his books are either self-published or put out by fringe publishers.)
Pinker doesn’t want this to happen to him.

This is a sad statement on the current state of intellectual discourse, and a great waste for a brilliant man like Steven Pinker. 
For clarity on heritability, I recommend The Heritability Fallacy  which includes:
Heritability statistics do remain useful in some limited circumstances, including selective breeding programs in which developmental environments can be strictly controlled. But in environments that are not controlled, these statistics do not tell us much. In light of this, numerous theorists have concluded that ‘the term “heritability,” which carries a strong conviction or connotation of something “[in]heritable” in the everyday sense, is no longer suitable for use in human genetics, and its use should be discontinued.’ Reviewing the evidence, we come to the same conclusion. Continued use of the term with respect to human traits spreads the demonstrably false notion that genes have some direct and isolated influence on traits. Instead, scientists need to help the public understand that all complex traits are a consequence of developmental processes. Without such an understanding, we are at risk of underestimating the extent to which environmental manipulations can have profoundly positive effects on development. Thus, the way ‘heritability’ is used in most discussions of human phenotypes not only perpetuates false ideas; it also blinds us to steps we might otherwise take to improve the human condition.

Although to be fair, I don't think JayMan and the people who fund him are especially interested in improving the human condition, but rather, in improving the prospects for white nationalism. Or in the case of Ron Unz, to get to the "real" truth about 9/11.

Oh cool - even better - on the right-hand sidebar of Jayman's blog, is a section called


And the first two commentators are perfect. First there is Randall Parker:
ParaPundit Randall Parker’s blog making social commentary and discussing some of the implications of HBD
This tells you everything you need to know about how scientific "human biodiversity" is - Randall Parker, as I discovered when reviewing Sailer's "The Cousin Marriage Conundrum" is just some guy with a blog.

But Sailer cited him as if he was an important authority for his theory on cousin marriage and democracy.

The next commentator listed is Sailer:
Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog The man who (largely) started it all
Now the man who started it all has a background in marketing research. According to Pinker he's good with data, but as I noted in my review of the Cousin Marriage Conundrum (the CMC appears in "The Best American Science and Nature Writing" thanks to Pinker) Sailer didn't look at available data on consanguinity around the world and compare it to available data on democracies around the world. I assume because it would have demonstrated that Sailer's theory was wrong - cousin marriage does not prevent democracy, as Sailer argued it would in Iraq.

So some right-wing racist marketing guy, who ignores inconvenient data, started the collection of crackpot speculations called "human biodiversity."

Because I guess actual scientists have always been too "woke" for people like JayMan.

Never forget that Pinker promoted Sailer's career for years, and according to Sailer, he's been a big influence on Pinker, as he testified on Twitter.

I assume I never saw JayMan's tweets on Twitter before because he blocked me, like the pathetic coward he is. But now that I no longer logon to Twitter, I am no longer blocked. And wow, JayMan sure likes the far-right paedophilia apologist called Emil. Who also blocked me, like the pathetic coward he is.

I will be very surprised if JayMan turns out to be anything other than a white nationalist man-baby. 

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