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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A GRIFTER IS BORN - Uri Berliner joins the Bari Weiss racist right-wing grift "The Free Press"!

After two months of waiting for this annoucement, it's finally here:

I predicted it two months ago, but to be fair, it was 100% predictable.

As I wrote on this blog:
I recently predicted in a comment on Threads that NPR's former editor Uri Berliner will soon reappear as either an employee of Weiss; running a right-wing plutocrat-funded Substack; or as a member of a right-wing think tank.
The real question is why did NPR hire such an idiot as Berliner in the first place.

I have no doubt that Berliner's attacks on NPR were coordinated well in advance with Weiss and friends, including Weiss' sugar daddy and Supreme Court corrupter supreme Harlan Crow. Or as the Daily Beast said, Berliner "passes the audition."

I think the whole thing is a project of the Republican Party and its pussygrabbing, psychotic, treasonous felon candidate Trump, who is calling for the end of funding for NPR.

From her beginnings as the Queen Bee of the Intellectual Dark Web, Bari Weiss now finds herself as an important player in the rightwing campaign to end American democracy. 

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