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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Steven Pinker must be so proud ~ Steve Sailer & Tucker Carlson & the Sailer lawsuit

Weird that at first glance Sailer looks 
like Joe Biden who is over a decade
older than Sailer.
I'm not saying that Steve Sailer owes his entire career to Steven Pinker, after all there's no record of Pinker giving Sailer a nice wad of cash like Ron Unz did, but it sure didn't hurt when Pinker chose to include a garbage piece of work by Sailer in the 2004 edition of "The Best American Science and Nature Writing" and it didn't hurt that Pinker used Sailer's data in his own writing, or as Malcolm Gladwell said:

"(Pinker) had three (scientific data) sources, he said. The first was Steve Sailer. Sailer, for the uninitiated, is a California blogger with a marketing background who is best known for his belief that black people are intellectually inferior to white people."

That was in 2009. Pinker did not stop allying himself with Sailer until after 2012, when he included a blurb from Sailer for Pinker's "Better Angels of Our Nature."

Pinker throws a hissy fit when a journalist asks him about his Sailer connection - which rarely happens, mainly because Pinker is a sacred cow of the media, constantly promoted as a "liberal" no matter how often he publicly aligns with libertariansRepublicans and the extreme racist right.

The media, the stupid, lazy media, is merely taking its cue from Pinker, who likes to have things both ways.

But apparently Sailer harbors no ill-will towards Pinker, no doubt since they are likely both still in agreement on issues of race and since Pinker has never expressed regret about promoting Sailer's hideously racist career. 

Now Sailer is promoting racism and Trump on the show of Tucker "too extreme for Fox News" Carlson.

Meanwhile, miserable low-life Steve Sailer is being sued for "Assault Libel & Slander" as a result of his unconscionable refusal to quit defaming the target of the redacted hit piece published in the sleazy City Journal.

Like Alex Jones, these other right-wing ghouls lack a conscience and will try to beat up on people who are not public figures because they think they're vulnerable. But as Alex Jones found out and as Sailer is finding out, their targets are not as vulnerable as the ghouls hoped. The rule of law still means something in the United States - at least until the Trump fascist gang - of which Sailer and Carlson are very much a part - destroys it.

The rule of law still means something in the UK too and Emil Kirkegaard owes Oliver Smith £982 and the judge ruled that contempt proceedings against Kirkegaard may proceed.

And speaking of horrible rightwing ghouls, it looks like milord and milady of the White Supremacist Castle are in financial and legal trouble, per the Southern Poverty Law Center:

VDARE is embroiled in multiple legal proceedings in state and federal courts in New York. These cases include a federal lawsuit that VDARE filed against the AG’s office in December 2022; a special proceeding that the AG’s office initiated against VDARE in New York state court in December 2022 for failing to abide by the subpoena; and multiple appeals.
In a March 29 post on the VDARE website, Peter Brimelow estimated that the proceedings have cost his group “up to $1 million” over the course of three years.

Apparently the ghouls were living in the castle:

The Brimelows have not denied residing on castle grounds, with Lydia Brimelow referring to the complex as her “home” in a March 15 interview.
Additionally, neither Brimelow has denied purchasing the property with funds given to the VDARE Foundation.

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