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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Racist Substack Aporia whines about Rational Wiki

A who's who of professional racists in two tweets.
Aporia, the nest of extremist rightwing racists, harbored at techno-fascist Marc Andreessen-funded Substack has lately been whining about Rational Wiki
The whining was even more unintentionally funny and ironic because it occurred in an unsigned editorial:
...the mostly pseudonymous team running the RatWiki organization, the organization that owns and runs the website. It works on the standard Wikipedia format, where they let anyone edit, at least in theory. This community-sourced material status gives them a kind of legal liability cop-out for the material they host, in the same way that YouTube isn't responsible for the comments people post.
Meanwhile, the Substack toadies who work for Andreessen claim they can't be responsible for the racism spewed by Aporia and other hate-accounts on Substack.

How Kirkegaard spends his 
time on the shit-hole site Twitter/X
You can see why those serious scholars 
at Aporia would want to align
themselves with him.

It seems that those very serious scholars at Aporia are in league, big time, with that freak Emil Kirkegaard, and have taken his personal grievances on as one of their causes, along with the usual causes of racism and Neo-Nazism. 

They decided to financially support Kirkegaard: This short film is possible thanks to our paid Substack supporters.

The "film" in question, which Aporia is promoting on Twitter/X under the banner "ANTIFA WATCH," is four minutes of Kirkegaard walking along a beach whining about how true facts about him are known thanks to Rational Wiki. 

Somehow Kirkegaard connects Rational Wiki to the guy he owes money to, even though that guy is no longer affiliated with Rational Wiki. And Kirkegaard knows this because it said so in the pro-Kirkegaard article published pseudonymously a year ago by the ghouls at City Journal /Manhattan Institute which was later retracted when the target of the article (really, a smear campaign) - the same guy Kirkegaard owes money to - sued

Kirkegaard is very much devoted to avoiding paying his court-ordered debt, so much so he was apparently being sheltered by German Neo-Nazis - the very worst kind of Neo-Nazis - at Das Landhaus Adlon. Lately it turns out that Kirkegaard is doing business in Wyoming.

So on behalf of Emil Kirkegaard's personal grievances, those geniuses at Aporia are falsely promoting Rational Wiki as some kind of "Antifa" organization, which makes me suspect that some of the ghouls at Aporia are working for the Trump campaign - promotion of Antifa as some powerful organized operation was one of the tactics of the Trump campaign in 2020, aided by Andy Ngo, who would likely know at least one Aporia ghoul, Bo Winegard, since both worked for Quillette around the same time. Last August, Ngo lost his own lawsuit against "Antifa."

It's absurd that Kirkegaard believes the only way anybody would form a bad opinion of him is through Rational Wiki. A couple of years ago he was in the news when he embarrassed the respectable racists at the International Society for Intelligence Research when Abdel Abdellaoui very publicly refused to attend its 2022 racist rodeo if Kirkegaard was going to speak there - as Kirkegaard had done other years. Speaking of the racist rodeo, I will be writing about ISIR's upcoming 2024 conference soon.

And Stewart Lee, much better known than Kirkegaard or the guy Kirkegaard owes money to, referred to Kirkegaard in the British press as "a weird far-right paedophilia apologist called Emil."

And by raging against Rational Wiki, Kirkegaard and his gang at Aporia are only helping to raise its ranking in Google results. Rational Wiki already has a response to the Kirkegaard video.

As you can see in the screen image posted above, professional racist Steve Sailer - who was once heavily promoted by Steven Pinker - jumped on the Aporia tweet to join in the whining about Rational Wiki. It's no wonder Sailer is bitter, the Rational Wiki profile of Steve Sailer includes one of the most perfect observations about Sailer I have ever seen:
Think of him as a dead cat under the floorboards of the internet: worthless, repulsive and raising an unholy stench. But, sadly, also very difficult to get rid of.
The same could be said for Kirkegaard, Winegard and all the grifters, goons and ghouls who administer, edit, write for, financially support and platform Aporia.

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