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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Fighting with Steve Sailer and his racist pals on Twitter

Extremist Steve Sailer is not an official member of the IDW, as he was not named in the Bari Weiss article.

Sailer, described by Malcolm Gladwell as "a California blogger with a marketing background who is best known for his belief that black people are intellectually inferior to white people" has, I believe, spent his entire career on wingnut welfare working for Ron Unz at the Unz Review as well as writing for VDare (fun fact - Virginia Dare was probably eaten by her fellow colonists) and American Renaissance and really, probably any racists who will have him. 

The pure essential evil of the brain of Steve Sailer was on special display this past week. Sailer was squawking about a woman of color talking about her appearance. It doesn't concern Sailer that perhaps women of color think about their appearance because racists like Steve Sailer say nasty things about their appearance. And make a living doing it thanks to scum like Ron Unz. 

Now the item I quoted was from two decades ago, but Sailer made it clear in my exchanges with him in the past few days that he still stands by his unsupported opinions, and which many of the gullible losers who follow him on Twitter take as fact.

I did a Google search on "women from Kenya" and "women from Iceland" and "women from China" and the results refute Sailer's claim that "black" women are more masculine-looking than "white" women or Asian women.

Now it's not a great methodology - it's clear that plenty of African-American women, who have a typically high degree of European ancestry thanks to all the slave-raping, are included in the mix for women from Kenya.

But even that is a better methodology than Steve Sailer's, since his methodology is to simply pull it out of his ass.

It's important to realize that Steven Pinker admired and supported the career of Steve Sailer after he felt the need to express his idiotic opinions about "blacks" and "whites" and Asians in public. David Duke is also a fan of Steve Sailer. PDF version here.

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