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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Where Quillette gets its money - from a right-wing plutocrat, of course

Claire Lehmann has also worked for
Canadian right-wing extremist Rebel Media
From The Sydney Morning Herald:

...Roughly half of Quillette's audience lives in the US. Australian investment banker and venture capitalist Mark Carnegie is also a supporter and has poured money into a funding round scheduled to end this week. 
"[The backers] see that my long-term project has some merit and value and they want to support it," Ms Lehmann said. "It’s not exactly philanthropy, but no one who is investing is expecting to make a huge sum of money in the next 12 or 24 months." 
Mr Carnegie, a proponent of independent publishing, was a donor before becoming an investor this year and organised to meet Ms Lehmann after reading a series of Quillette articles and discovering the founder was Australian.
Quillette's operations have so far largely been financed from reader donations and some online advertising, but Ms Lehmann recently sought more substantial funding as the site looks to grow. She says she has raised a "few-hundred-thousand" dollars and won't name other investors.

I'm gonna hazard a guess that one of the unnamed other investors is Charles Koch.

Mark Carnegie appears to be a garden-variety right-wing plutocrat who is a fan of British eugenicist Toby Young.

From The University of Melbourne Magazine:

Carnegie believes the nation has got the wrong end of the stick on education policy. “Education is an investment,” he asserts. “It’s not an expense even though it turns up in the national accounts. All the evidence is that money spent on education returns to society and if you under-invest in education that’s bad policy. Of course that’s unpopular with an ageing population. When there’s a choice between spending on healthcare and education, health gets the votes.” 
But there’s a caveat, and it bears on Carnegie’s strict cultural conservatism. “I’ll fund anything at university so long as it doesn’t end up in the word studies – cultural studies, women’s studies.”

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