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Friday, May 3, 2019

James Lindsay, Major Grifter and his secret funding sources

When we last saw James Lindsay, Major Grifter (although he seems to have dropped the honorific in his Twitter handle) he had discovered that women's studies are actually sleeper cells from the 1960s who have metastasized, as they always intended, and have begun to rot society from within!

More recently Lindsay was discussing the money he received for perpetrating the "grievance studies" grift. And just like Claire Lehmann he is unable to reveal his funding sources. Hat tip to Twitterer Chrisi for the leads:

per Vox
At first, their papers were rejected. The content was too obviously silly, too much of a joke. But then they committed to studying the kinds of papers that had been written on the topic in the past, and improved their ability to mimic the arguments in them. This was a full-time job for Lindsay: He secured funding from a group of donors whose names he would not reveal to spend, in his words, “90 hours a week” on this project.
per Lindsay himself in Quillette

per Lindsay himself on Twitter

Big surprise, Lindsay turns out to be a standard IDW weasel.

Although it's odd, his mention of money from "undesirables" since he claims above that his funding, from "a handful of private donors" spans the political spectrum.

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