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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Evolutionary psychology is not hard to understand

Evolutionary psychology is not hard to understand.  PZ Myers explains it in this video, which also provides a good primer on actual evolutionary theory.

I've always thought its simplicity is why dullards like Quillette's Bo Winegard liked it. But maybe even evolutionary psychology seems hard to Bo Winegard and I've been overestimating him.

On the other hand claiming that objections to hereditarian beliefs are simply anti-rationality and over-emotionalism is a popular, if incredibly transparent, tactic of hereditarians, whether you're talking about evolutionary psychology or race science.

Could it be that hereditarians are so stupid in general that they can't grasp the arguments against their pet theories and so conclude the only reason others could object to those theories are "feelings and preferences"? Or as Steven Pinker suggests, because they want to get people "riled up" for the sake of moral outrage.

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