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Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Trump campaign and the IDW

The IDW is clearly part of the Trump campaign now.

Pinkerite has recently noted the connection between James Lindsay and "intelligent design" promoting Christopher Rufo. Here is Rufo tweeting an idiotic Photoshop of Trump with three stooges - the Larry on the very end is James Lindsay.

Pinkerite has tracked the alignment between Andy Ngo, his lawyer Republican committeewoman Harmeet K. Dhillon and Trump since last summer.

Here we see Trump retweeting Colin Wright, managing editor of Quillette.

"Critical race theory" of course criticizes racism. It should be no surprise that a magazine like Quillette, which is chock full of race science promoters, would align with a racist race-baiter like Donald Trump.

 It was obvious from the beginning how rightwing the IDW gang was in spite of its connection to faux liberals like Steven Pinker. Eric Weinstein the apparent founder of the IDW is an employee of hard-core Trump supporter Peter Thiel.

Joe Rogan did his part by supporting Bernie Sanders, but then once Joe Biden was the Democratic nominee, immediately switched to supporting Trump.

But where are all those Intellectual Dark Web brave heroes of new atheism, when James Lindsay makes a public alliance with Christian fanatic Michael O'Fallon and intelligent design Trump supporter Christopher Rufo?

We know brave new atheist hero Jerry Coyne admires James Lindsay.

Why doesn't Coyne denounce Lindsay for his alignment with religious fanatics?

And what about brave new atheist hero Michael Shermer? 

Here is Shermer's Skeptic magazine promoting Boghossian and Lindsay.

Where is brave new atheist hero Steven Pinker?

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