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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Social Darwinism and Anti-Evolution

James Lindsay, shameless hypocrite is apparently good pals with Christopher F. Rufo, the director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty.

The Discovery Institute is a leading promoter of the anti-evolution, religion-based theory known as "Intelligent Design."
The main premise of ID is that the living organisms on Earth are so complex and so intricately constructed that they cannot plausibly have arisen through the unguided action of natural selection, so there must be an "intelligent designer." (This entity is usually identified as God, but in a deposition taken January 3, 2005, Dover Superintendent Nilsen suggested that the "master intellect" described in an ID textbook might also be an alien.)

It's the worst of all possible worlds with Lindsay. Like all Intellectual Dark Webbers he is devoted to evolution in the form of social Darwinism, which is an early name for hereditarianism. Evolutionary psychology and race science are flavors of hereditarianism.
The reason that Steven Pinker is beloved by the IDW - we see Quillette editor Colin Wright expressing that love in this tweet - is because in The Blank Slate he used evolutionary psychology, a completely failed pseudo-science to try to claim that women were innately inferior at STEM subjects to men, which was then used by Larry Summers, possibly to justify his bad hiring track record.

The fact that nobody from the IDW cares that James Lindsay and the other "Sokal" grifters are aligning with religious extremists and opponents of science and evolution - we see champion of science and vocal atheist Jerry Coyne praising New Discourses, the project that James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian and rightwing Christian extremist Michael O'Fallon founded together - demonstrates that what the IDW/Quillette gang cares about more than anything else is not actual science but rather evolutionary psychology and race science. 

And right on schedule to confirm what I said, Claire Lehmann, founder of Quillette and leading race science promoter Bo Winegard demonstrate that if it comes to opposing racism versus Christianity, they will choose Christianity.

My guess: rightwing extremist Christians are donating big money to Quillette. And I predict you will never hear a word of complaint from dedicated atheists like Jerry Coyne or Michael Shermer any other alleged atheist member of the IDW. They prefer religion to fighting racism every time.

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