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Monday, September 21, 2020

Rightwing Watch exposes the garbage Post-Millennial

From a recent article in Right Wing Watch
“They operate like a crime syndicate. They don’t operate like a normal paper where you can trace the money, you can trace the editorialization, where you can trace the ethics, where you can actually understand who is involved in the outlet at any given time and what their purpose is,” ​the former writer said​, wishing to remain anonymous given the publication’s record of attack stories. “It doesn’t work like that. And in terms of opponents, they absolutely would just rather take somebody out than admit that they did something wrong.”

As Pinkerite noted in March 2019, the Post Millennial was already absolute garbage. Only an Andy Ngo could make it even worse:
“Once Andy Ngo started, then it became much more editorial and much more like he was the one who set the tone and you had to write to his tone,” ​she said, speaking to RWW via Skype. “He would tell you to write a story on something, then you would write it, and he would go in and edit it to be crazy and extreme.”

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