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Friday, December 11, 2020

From the metro-lib-elite desk of Stewart Lee - October 2020

There is a lot of older Stewart Lee content online, but good luck to you if you want even the tiniest snippet of a preview of his current show Snowflake/Tornado at the present time on hiatus due to Covid.

There is not a scrap of Snowflake/Tornado content to be found.

It's frustrating since, tantalizingly, Lee keeps posting insults aimed at him by British Quillette editor Toby Young in his publicity

The latest is “Ghastly, puritanical, po-faced, sanctimonious, finger-wagging, Woke-Witchfinder-in-Chief” Toby Young, Twitter - which I took the trouble of finding on Twitter and posting here.

I was hoping if I followed the link Young offered, the guy in Breitbart attacking Lee would mention bits from Snowflake/Tornado if only to slam them but instead all he did was criticize Lee's Guardian column.

And it's clear from James Delingpole's piece that he's never seen Stewart Lee's standup:

Lee’s is the perfect example of the type of comedy which is not designed to provoke laughter so much as solemn head-nodding and applause at the politically correct sentiment. “Brexit, Orange Man bad. etc” *clap clap clap*.”

I love when Lee does political bits but I'd say that's only 20% of his body of work, and even when he does political bits, he has his own unique surrealist take. For instance his references to Margaret Thatcher's England in the context of a Scooby Doo cartoon.

It's available on the Internet, but I expect that Delingpole, like his race-mongering Quillette pal Toby Young, is just too lazy to do any research, and Breitbart's literary standards certainly don't require research.

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