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Sunday, December 6, 2020

More free speech grifting from Claire Lehmann - Jerry Coyne approves

The sitting president of the United States is still trying to nullify the US presidential election and record-setting numbers of people are dying of Covid 19

But in the far-right world of the Intellectual Dark Web the biggest threat to life and to democracy is occasional random nonsense from college kids. One of the IDW bosses, Claire Lehmann, founder of the racist-employing Quillette lists the world-shattering atrocities in the Weekend Australian:
It has been five years since a group of Yale students were filmed verbally abusing a professor in a quadrangle over his lack of willingness to police Halloween costumes. It has been four years since it was reported that students at Cornell University held a mass “cry-in” in response to Trump’s surprise election win. It has been three years since students took over Evergreen State College, effectively holding staff hostage. Just this week, my colleague Jon Kay broke the story of another campus meltdown, this time at Haverford — a wealthy private college near Philadelphia — in which students protesting against racism joked about killing the ­college president’s dog.
Four incidents. Lehmann treasures each and every incident of a few dozen random college students acting like asses. Or as Mari Uyehara said in her important piece in GQ Free Speech Grifters - one of the most important articles for understanding the plutocrat-funded Intellectual Dark Web:

hyperbolic charges familiar to anyone who has spent time on a college campus

After at least five years of this strategy, Lehmann and friends are experts at making mountains out of molehills, cooking up a Marxist-Leninist-Muslim-feminist-Black Lives Matter "woke" apocalypse out of a few feeble ingredients.

You can imagine the Quillette gang were beside themselves with joy when, once again, random unnamed nobodies were reported:
...when Penguin Random House Canada published Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos in 2018. But instead of popping the champagne at the prospect of publishing the follow-up, it was reported last week that dozens of staff had lodged official complaints when they learned they would be publishing the ­sequel, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life. According to reports, a “teary” meeting was convened where staff expressed their concerns about Peterson, claiming he was a far-right figure who had radicalised people and whose views harmed LGBTQ and “non-­binary” individuals.
There has never been any evidence provided other than hear-say, to support the claims that this happened. 

But even if it did happen, so what? A bunch of people cried? That's the best that soulless grifting stooge Claire Lehmann can do now? Trying to build a big scary woke threat on the basis of a few people crying and complaining?

But when you are utterly shameless and stupid, like Claire Lehmann, that's what you do for a living.

I see that Quillette is now being demonized by many Leftists as some sort of “alt-right” or conservative website. And although some of their articles are indeed too Right-wing for me, most of the articles seem to be doing what I do—calling out the excesses of the Left, the same excesses that, I suspect, held back the predicted Blue Wave in November’s election. Further, it’s not a good idea to denigrate an entire website as a way of avoiding—or urging others to avoid—reading anything published there. Regardless of what you see as Quillette‘s overall ideology, you will benefit from reading some of its pieces, if for no other reason than some of the follies of the Left, which threaten a liberal government, simply can’t be found in mainstream media.
First, note that Coyne is too big a chicken-shit coward to provide names of the "many Leftists" accurately calling Quillette an alt-right or conservative web site. Hm, more claims against the anonymous, does anybody see a pattern with the IDW and its friends here?

I haven't seen evidence that it bothers Coyne that James Lindsay, who, Coyne was finally forced to admit is a hard-core Trump supporter, is working with right-wing religious extremists like Michael O'Fallon and intelligent design-promoter Christian Rufo. Or cozies up to neo-Nazi Richard Spencer.

No, the bad guys are always anonymous college students and anonymous Leftists. I bet those scoundrels use words like "tone deaf" and enjoy listening to that "jazz" too.

Although believe it or not, Coyne's latest op-ed on Quillette might actually represent a gradual awakening by Coyne. For it wasn't too long ago that he claimed that articles in Quillette were "generally left-wing"!

The real question about Jerry Coyne is whether he's a grifter too, getting money from plutocrats like the rest of the gang he admires so much, or just the most gullible mark the grifters ever had.

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