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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Google Censorship

Google, which owns the Blogger platform, recently notified me it put my post "Scary rightwing anti-democratic Quillette-funding Peter Thiel" behind a warning because it "violated community standards."  

The notification provided a link to its community standards and I see nothing that violates them. So you have to GUESS what Google doesn't like.

It may be political censorship, but it could also be because Google has stupidly decided to let AI moderate Blogger content. 

On my personal website, a post about Watergate was flagged. Again, Google does not tell you what exactly is the problem, but my guess is that because Woodward and Bernstein relied on W. Mark Felt to be their deep background source, and because they gave Felt the alias "Deep Throat," Google's AI moderator decided that was porn. But again, just a guess.

I will be migrating Pinkerite from the Blogger platform as soon as possible. It's better to go the independent web route anyway.

You can now read the original article here: Scary rightwing anti-democratic Quillette-funding Peter Thiel.

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