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Monday, May 1, 2023

Majority Report: Bill Maher is Elon Musk's little bitch

And they mention something I've been pointing out for a long time on Pinkerite:
...this is a hallmark of the IDW right, to say "my conservative views are not really actually political in fact they're moderate" or they might not be involved in politics whatsoever because they're consistently trying to launder conservative thought through apolitical means and it's the same thing. 

We saw with the Bari Weiss crowd before and now these guys are just a little bit richer and have a little bit of a bigger platform saying the same stuff we saw six seven years ago and what does it mean that Bill Maher is "they're trying to cancel me" - it means that people are criticizing him from all sides and yet he's had a show for 25 years yeah minimum and there's one time when he's been canceled and that was in the wake of uh 9 11 and with pressure from the Bush Administration...
Bill Maher is a creaky old reactionary tool. And Elon Musk is a stochastic terrorist.

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