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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Steve Sailer blocked me. Therefore...

Based on Sailer's reason for why Nikole Hannah-Jones blocked him, I assume he blocked me for the same reason. As I suspected.

However, I would have thought the reason Hannah-Jones blocked Sailer is because he's a toxic troll who has devoted his life to racism and race pseudoscience.

We know he can't write, in spite of Steven Pinker including a rank piece of garbage by Sailer in The Best Science and Nature Writing.

Speaking of Sailer, for some reason this post has blown up but I haven't yet figured out why:
The mind of a racist, part 6: Steve Sailer and IDW funding

And if there's any doubt that Twitter is a stinking racist cesspit, doubt no more. Racists have posted an advertisement for a VDARE conference to take place in the White Supremacist Castle.  Sailer is one of the guest speakers.

The White Supremacist Castle is courtesy of the right-wing "respectable" plutocrats who donate to Donors Trust. Racism sure is lucrative in the United States.

NEVER FORGET how much Steven Pinker promoted the career of Steve Sailer. And they had a mutually beneficial relationship as Sailer will tell you himself.

I've been searching for years and I have never found an example of Pinker publicly repudiating Sailer. He simply stopped promoting Sailer around 2011-2012, and now, any time he is asked about his connection he screams "guilt by association" like he didn't actively promote Sailer rather than innocently "associate" with him.

Sailer is also a fan of Kathryn Paige Harden.

I wouldn't be surprised if they are friends. After all, Harden is a friend of Razib Khan, acknowledging him in her book "The Genetic Lottery."

UPDATE: I created a new Twitter account in July, tweeted at someone who had replied to a tweet by Sailer - I didn't even tweet directly to Sailer - and within 30 minutes Sailer blocked me. What a pathetic coward.

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