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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Update on the Pamela Paul NYTimes embarrassment

Egged on by public embarrassments Anna Krylov and Jerry "get offa my lawn" Coyne, Pamela Paul made absurd claims based on the phony panic trumped up by Krylov and friends.

The NYTimes published some excellent responses included from two of my favorite social media champions against race pseudoscience, professor of biology Carl T. Bergstrom and science historian David Sepkoski.


Public understanding of science is essential for democracy. Misleading readers to score political points with an argument that scientists have exchanged merit and objectivity for progressive ideology is a disservice to science and the public alike.


Scientific racism, for example, is sadly not a historical relic. The field of human behavioral genetics thrives on publishing papers clinging to the notion that group differences (read: racial differences) exist in intelligence and other measures of ability, despite countless studies undermining such conclusions. Perhaps not coincidentally, most of the researchers who conduct these studies are white (and predominantly male), and their work has attracted great enthusiasm in the white nationalist community.

Payton Gendron, the perpetrator of the 2022 Buffalo massacre, cited the work of leading scientific proponents of innate racial differences. There is a direct connection between this discredited science and violent extremism.

Thanks for your good work gentlemen.

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