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Friday, July 7, 2023

Donald Trump, stochastic terrorist

 We already knew Trump was a stochastic terrorist, thanks to January 6, but this is insane:

A week ago, a Jan. 6 defendant was arrested near Barack Obama’s home in D.C. with what the government says was a machete, two guns and 400 rounds of ammunition. It soon emerged that the man showed up shortly after Donald Trump posted images of an article featuring what was claimed to be Obama’s address, which the man promoted.

“We got these losers surrounded!” Taylor Taranto wrote on Telegram, one of two places where he promoted Trump’s Truth Social post. “See you in hell, Podesta’s and Obama’s!”

Taranto also allegedly live-streamed threats against Obama and other lawmakers, according to prosecutors.

Despite the week-old disclosure — and further detail emerging Wednesday — Trump’s Truth Social post featuring the address remained live on Thursday morning.

You could perhaps understand Trump’s original post of Obama’s alleged address as unwitting — it was a small detail in a series of four images of the article posted by Trump — but leaving it up after all this time must be a choice.

And it’s only the latest evidence of social media posts from the former president that have increasingly gone off the rails. Trump’s posts have never been the staid communications you’d expect from a statesman, but even by his standards, the past week has been remarkable.

The political career of Donald Trump must be terminated with extreme prejudice.

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