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Friday, July 21, 2023

Rest in Hell, racist Richard Lynn

 Now all the racists are sad.

From Rational Wiki:

Richard Lynn (1930–2023)[2] was a British white supremacist, psychologist, eugenicist, conspiracy theorist, and self-described "race realist" who formerly taught at the University of Ulster. A former editor-in-chief of the prominent racist pseudojournal Mankind Quarterly and an interviewee of many fascist and neo-Nazi groups, Lynn had claimed for decades that genetics is responsible for racial inequality and international wealth inequality.

Edward Croft Dutton (1980–) is a far-right eccentric English Youtuber grifter,[note 1] QAnon conspiracy theorist,[note 2] anti-vegan and transphobe who writes articles for the white nationalist site VDARE and The Unz Review plus is a regular speaker on Mark Collett's white supremacist podcast Patriotic Weekly Review.[3][4][5][6] He is a disgraced academic and pseudointellectual who was investigated by the University of Oulo and found guilty of scientific misconduct due to plagiarism.[7] He is pretentious and claims to be a Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Asbiro University despite this being questionable at best. Critics label him a fraud.[8] 
Emil Ole William Kirkegaard who changed his name legally to William Engman[3] (online aliases: Deleet,[4] Deleetdk,[5] EmilOWK) is a Danish far-right eugenicist, climate change denier,[note 1] homophobe, perjurer[6] and activist for legalising child pornography and incest, as well as lowering age of consent.[7] Kirkegaard controversially argues that homosexuality is a mental illness and has also stated that it is a "good idea to legalize child porn" because he thinks viewing child porn reduces rape rates.[8][9] In 2023, he came out in support of Western imperialism and colonialism of Africa arguing "With Westerners, the common people will experience better health, economic growth (trade), justice (impartial courts), better governance, less war, less savagery."[10]The genocide of indigenous peoples and environmental degradation[11] doesn't seem to bother him.

 I assume they'll be in mourning at the Racist Rodeo this year, like they were for Jean-Phillipe Rushton and Arthur Jensen.

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