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Sunday, July 30, 2023

I am become Rational Wiki contributor, destroyer of race pseudoscience propaganda

Although I have enjoyed reading Rational Wiki articles and have occasionally referenced them here on Pinkerite, I haven't had a whole lot to do with Rational Wiki.

But ever since the Manhattan Institute and its publication City Journal tried to smear a former Rational Wiki contributor - and by extension, smear Rational Wiki itself - in apparent cooperation with one or more race pseudoscience ghouls - by publishing a hit piece which was applauded by the usual race pseudoscience gang from Steven Pinker on down the respectability hierarchy - I have developed a new respect for Rational Wiki. So I decided to become a contributor

If billionaire-funded, race pseudoscience loving organizations feel threatened enough by Rational Wiki to try a sleazy little stunt like that, Rational Wiki must be doing something right. It's citizen journalism vs the plutocracy.

UPDATE: Once the target of the hit piece threatened legal action the piece was removed. And the author of the piece, "David Zimmerman" is no longer listed as a City Journal contributor.

My first contribution to Rational Wiki is a summation of what I have been writing about here, about the Arthur Jensen-founded, Pioneer Fund-supported nonprofit, Institute of Mental Chronometry, which for the past two years has provided funding for aspects of the Racist Rodeo - aka the annual conference for The International Society of Intelligence Research.

If you are an opponent of race pseudoscience and the many-headed hydra of its propaganda machine, I recommend you become a contributor to Rational Wiki. As with Wikipedia, there is a learning curve to get the hang of the non-HTML ways to tag text, but it's worth it. 

Hey, nobody said fighting neo-Nazis was easy.

BTW - City Journal hired one of its standard anti-feminists, Kay S. Hymowitz, to opine on the Barbie movie. She liked it, but she thinks there is no real patriarchy because:

When Gerwig wrote this scene, she knew that in the real Real World, four out of 11 Mattel board members are women; that the company was co-founded by a woman; and that the movie was directed by Gerwig, a woman, produced by Margot Robbie, a woman, and blessed with a promotion budget that could have made a serious dent in world hunger. Some patriarchy.

Yes, one major corporate board almost has gender parity, and two women made a big-budget movie, when they should have been solving world hunger, as is their duty as women. I doubt City Journal has ever complained that men making big budget movies is preventing the end of world hunger.

Hmm. I  wonder who the top editors at City Journal are. But they let a woman edit the photos, administer the website and be assistant, so I guess we've reach perfect gender equality now. Silly Barbie movie.

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