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Monday, July 31, 2023

The Swoletariat: Steven Pinker is a Stupid Idiot

Pinkerite's beat is Steven Pinker's decades-long practice of promoting sociobiology/race pseudoscience, especially because he is the most respectable, mainstream, Justin Trudeau hobnobbing, UN presenting "celebrity intellectual" member of the race pseudoscience network.

Most critics of Pinker, however, seem to focus on his "optimism" and claims the world is getting better all the time.

And sometimes I have to share those criticisms. This video from a YouTube channel called The Swoletariat, jumps right into Pinker's fast and loose approach to data he claims support his position. It is, dare I say it, a weasely approach.

And the title makes me laugh.

The wonderful Michael Brooks can be seen making some of the same points two years earlier in this much briefer video.

I should say that keeping tabs on Steven Pinker's advocacy of race pseudoscience takes up all my available time. Here he is promoting right-wing racist idiot Richard Hanania.

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