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Monday, August 7, 2023

The Richard Hanania saga continues ~ Peter Thiel is indisputably evil

So now that the cat's out of the bag and we all know that right-wing racist Richard Hanania was slightly even more right-wing racist in his younger days, most of the race pseudoscience ghouls are circling the wagons.

Didn't I say that Matthew Yglesias is not nearly as innocent as Henry Farrell wants to believe? 

Henry Farrell also had nice things to say about Noah Smith. I've known he is a racist-mainstreaming goon for years.

I think "just too much cognitive load for me" means "I don't want to offend the racist plutocrats who might hire me."

Predictably Claire Lehmann came to Hanania's aid in Quillette, reposting Hanania's explanation for why he was marginally more repugnant before than he is now:

Editor's note: Some may question my decision to publish Richard Hanania, especially in light of the recent revelations by the Huffington Post. I want to clarify that I am sharing his work not because I am dismissing the seriousness of far-right extremism among young men. On the contrary, I believe it is a genuine problem that demands thoughtful responses.

This is very funny considering how much Lehmann nurtured the career of neo-Nazi Bo Winegard.

I have always had absolute faith in Claire Lehmann's and Quillette's ability to support all racists.

And then there is Hanania's shameless hypocrisy - youthful stupidity was not an acceptable excuse to Hanania when it came to a former Rational Wiki contributor. Except that the former Rational Wiki contributor is no longer an extremist, but Richard Hanania is still a right-wing racist extremist.

But Hanania did lose Bari Weiss. For now at least.

However, David Klion noticed who blurbed Hanania's latest book:

The blurbs include one by Peter Thiel, demonstrating how indisputably evil he is. Apparently this is how libertarians talk now.

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