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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Some More News focuses on Mike Johnson

This post doesn't have anything to do, directly, with the "Intellectual Dark Web" or Steven Pinker or race pseudoscience. But this "Some More News" video hits a point I was just thinking about recently.

What makes right-wingers different from the rest of us? I think it's lack of an empathetic imagination.

As Cody Johnston says:
It's a common problem with bigots. Specifically that they live in a bubble and only gain empathy once they meet someone outside of that bubble. I guess they can't imagine another world view unless it's right in front of them.
I also posted this because it's good - I always laugh out loud at least a few times at "Some More News" videos - this Cody Johnston guy is just so amusingly random.

And he makes a very good case that yes, indeed, Mike Johnson is a scary little freak.

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