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Saturday, December 30, 2023

The bigots of racist rag Quillette attack Southern Poverty Law Center

 But look! Quillette has a big mob of right-wing idiots on its side!!! (my emphases)

Colin Wright is a widely published writer (including at Quillette) with a PhD in evolutionary biology from UC Santa Barbara. (The SPLC’s claim that he is in a relationship with journalist Christina Buttons, who also writes about gender issues, is completely true. But the fact that the group saw fit to report this fact as if it were evidence of sinister machinations says far more about the report’s authors than it does about either Wright or Buttons.) FAIR, the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism, is a classically liberal group led by a Harvard Law School graduate named Monica Harris. Do any of these people or groups sound like extremists?


Colin Wright has published in racist, trans-hating Quillette and pals around with Republican fascist ghoul Christopher Rufo - Quillette uses a New Yorker piece from several years ago to attack SPLC - but get a look at what the New Yorker says about Quillette ally Christopher Rufo!

Any organization like Quillette which has taken money from racist, pro-apartheid fascist nut job Peter Thiel has zero moral authority.

And the reason Quillette knows the name Colin Wright is not because Wright has a PhD in evolutionary biology, it's because he's apparently decided to make a career as a right-wing political operative - possibly because his career as an evolutionary biologist was a failure.

And now I know the name Christina Buttons, another awful trans-hating obsessive undoubtedly on the payroll of one horrible right-wing plutocrat fascist or another. Pretending she's a liberal, as one does when one is trying to move the Overton window. That's an old Koch trick from way back.

And FAIR is a nest of right-wingers and wing nut welfare recipients and bigots of every stripe, supported by Bari Weiss's sugar daddy, Supreme Court corrupter Harlan Crow.

And Monica Harris? She's a darling of Fox News - and an anti-trans ghoul in league with Colin Wright. She's just as awful as all the rest of the FAIR and Quillette gang of wing nut welfare recipients and sugar babies.

I do appreciate Quillette bringing this dandy SPLC article to my attention - I really need to keep up with the SPLC better. The fact that the article has the racist and trans-hating ghouls at Quillette in a raging froth reminds me why I give money to SPLC every month. Now I'm thinking of increasing my monthly donation amount.

Thank you Southern Poverty Law Center!

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