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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Meet the ghouls, grifters, goons and stooges who support Nazi-platforming Substack

The three Nazi-platforming stooges
 So the other day I predicted:

Now Katz has drafted an open letter to the Substack ghouls, entitled Substackers against Nazis that I doubt will impress the Substack ghouls and their bosses...

Today I see in the NYTimes:

Substack Says It Will Not Ban Nazis or Extremist Speech

When are people like Jonathan Katz going to admit that the entire purpose of Substack is to platform racist ghouls!

That's what all the racist freaks are talking about when they talk about "moving the Overton window."

Or as it says in the NYTimes article:

While Substack says it does not allow users to call for violence, even that distinction can be murky, Professor Braddock said, because racists and extremists can walk up to the line without overtly doing that. But their rhetoric can still inspire others to violence, he said.

Allowing Nazi rhetoric on a platform also normalizes it, he said.

“The more they use the kind of rhetoric that dehumanizes or demonizes a certain population,” Professor Braddock said, “the more it becomes OK for the general population to follow.”


Don't believe me - believe the white supremacist, Richard Hanania, who has been promoted by Hamish McKenzie on Substack - according to Katz:

(Hanania has said that “Substack itself was created to explicitly push back against leftist suppression of speech” — another comment I’d like McKenzie to weigh in on.)

The Koch-funded, racist-supporting (they go waaaay back with Charles MurrayReason Magazine of course supports Substack. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some Koch money invested in Substack too.

Katz responds to Matt Taibbi here - unfortunately Katz is still on Substack so I am not going to resubscribe so I can read all the content. But I will have to quote from the piece because it's so perfect - Taibbi is even more contemptible than Freddie deBoer, which is saying a lot:

And look, I don’t blame Matt. If I were a hack post-leftist overwriter who peaked during Occupy Wall Street and responded to sexual-harassment allegations by worming his way under the sweaty wings of Ted Cruz and Elon Musk—only to get hoodwinked into pushing neocon Sinophobic talking points that blew up on arrival—I might make up a strawman on a Tuesday night and torch him too. Certainly easier than engaging with anything I’ve ever actually said.

Business Insider makes a good point - it isn't just that Substack is platforming Nazis, it's that Substack has a profitable business arrangement with Nazis!

The Katz letter was bound to be countered by a letter from a bunch of right-wingers and stupid feckless stooges of the right. 

As I just recently said, signing this kind of letter is how the right does "virtue signaling."

Some of the people on this list are harmless nobodies who dabble in the arts or like to promote their religions or hobbies online, but there are many on this list who are rightwing ghouls, goons, and grifters. Just awful - and very much not harmless - people. Quite a few Quillette authors, anti-vax wackos, anti-trans fanatics and wingnut welfare recipients. At least one of them is a public Nazi sympathizer.

To my amazement, Steven Pinker is not on this list - but his influence is apparent...

  1. Elle Griffin, author of The Elysian - a fan of Steven Pinker - OF COURSE! ~ enthusiastic supporter of her plutocratic paymasters
  2. Alex Kruger, author of Garden of Anxiety
  3. Alexander Hellene, author of A. Hellene Author  - misogynist idiot
  4. a. natasha joukovsky, author of quite useless - management consultant/conservative idiot
  5. Angela Nagle, author of Angela Nagle - darling of Fox News
  6. Abigail Shrier, author of The Truth Fairy - rabidly anti-trans crusader and Quillette author
  7. Alberto Romero, author of The Algorithmic Bridge
  8. Bari Weiss, author of The Free Press - OF COURSE the sugar baby of Harlan Crow, and very, very likely, Peter Thiel - and an absolutely contemptible human being supports Substack - I've no doubt she gets paid by the same people who support Substack - she also signed this letter
  9. Ben Dreyfuss, author of Calm Down - rightwing idiot gloats about Substack platforming Nazis
  10. Bowen Dwelle, author of An Ordinary Disaster
  11. Bridget Phetasy, author of Beyond Parody - rightwing idiot, Quillette author
  12. Cameron M. Bailey, author of Emeth - obsessed with being a Freemason
  13. Charles Eisenstein, author of Charles Eisenstein - anti-vaxxer idiot
  14. Christin Balan, author of Writer in Progress 
  15. C.L. Steiner, author of Not Complaining - wants to ridicule Nazis, but not deny them a big mainstream audience
  16. Colin Wright, author of Reality’s Last Stand - in a five-way tie with Bari Weiss, Matt Taibbi, Konstantin Kisin and Michael Shermer for the most contemptible right-wing ghoul on this list - not only a former Quillette staffer, but an anti-trans obsessive and pal of right-wing uber-ghoul Christopher Rufo
  17. Connor O’Brien, author of Regions
  18. Contarini, author of Contarini’s Attic 
  19. Damon Linker, author of Notes from the Middleground - dictator-appeasing idiot
  20. Darryl Cooper, author of MartyrMade - Trump apologist idiot and Nazi-symp who reportedly used his personal Twitter account to claim that “FDR chose the wrong side in WW2.”
  21. david roberts, author of Sparks from Culture  
  22. Dee Rambeau, author of Of a Sober Mind - conservative dummy, cites hereditarian Jonathan Haidt as an expert
  23. Doomberg, author of Doomberg - idiot: "As a general rule, Doomberg has stayed clear of the direct debate over whether anthropogenic carbon emissions are warming the planet and whether such a trend represents an existential threat..."
  24. DuVay Knox, author of Hard Knox Life
  25. Dwarkesh Patel, host of Dwarkesh Podcast - promoter of racist idiot Razib Khan
  26. Edward Snowden, author of Continuing Ed - Russian, traitor to the United States of America
  27. Erik Hoel, author of The Intrinsic Perspective - OK I have to admit, he got off a pretty good slam on Steven Pinker: "I now must remind myself to be like Steven Pinker: expectant, assured, confident in the work my twenty busy bees of Harvard-educated research assistants have done"
  28. Ethan Strauss, author of House of Strauss - creepy rightwinger
  29. Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR), author of FAIR Substack - LOL - nest of race pseudoscience promoters and wingnut welfare recipients, supported by Supreme Court corrupter Harlan Crow
  30. Freddie deBoer, author of Freddie deBoer - former leftist, promoter of race pseudoscience, called Nazi freak Richard Hanania an "interesting thinker" - Jeet Heer had a great response to deBoer's friendship with Hanania - deBoer is so utterly pathetic - does anybody except racists and Nazis like him?
  31. Freya India, author of GIRLS - internalized misogyny idiot, recommends Freddie deBoer AND Putinbot Konstantin Kisin AND racist Quillette author Rob Henderson on her Substack 
  32. Glenn Loury, author of The Glenn Show - right-wing idiot, signed this letter too
  33. Greg Lukianoff, author of The Eternally Radical Idea - works for Koch via FIRE
  34. Gurwinder, author of The Prism
  35. Heather Heying, author of Natural Selections - named member of the Intellectual Dark Web, evolutionary psychology idiot who promoted Ivermectin for Covid - big fan of game theory - also signed this letter
  36. Jason Crawford, author of The Roots of Progress - idiot fan of Steven Pinker
  37. Jay Bhattacharya, author of The Illusion of Consensus  - anti-vax idiot, "old college pal of Peter Thiel" also signed this letter
  38. Jennifer Sey, author of Sey Everything - rightwing idiot, recommends Bari Weiss on her Substack
  39. Jessica Reed Kraus, author of House Inhabit - supporter of crackpot RFK Jr.
  40. Jimmy Doom, author of Jimmy Doom’s Roulette Weal 
  41. Julie Bindel, author of Julie Bindel - anti-trans fanatic
  42. Julie Gabrielli, author of Building Hope
  43. Katherine Brodsky, author of Random Minds - rightwing idiot, ally of racist Razib Khan
  44. Katherine Dee, author of Default Wisdom  - absolute asshole - calls Jonathan Katz' concerns a "temper tantrum"
  45. Kathleen Sykes, author of The Charrette - declares herself a "deep thinker" so of course she recommends rightwing idiot grifters like anti-trans fanatic Jesse Singal (twice!) and anti-feminist Meghan Daum
  46. Kent Peterson, author of Kent’s Substack
  47. Konstantin Kisin, author of Konstantin Kisin’s Newsletter - Putinbot - signed this letter too
  48. Lawrence M. Krauss, author of Critical Mass - utterly contemptible individual, author (of course) at Quillette
  49. Lee Fang, author of Lee Fang  - ally of Glenn Greenwald, also signed this letter
  50. Leighton Woodhouse, co-founder of Public - Publishes a bunch of grifters like Michael Shellenberger and Zaid Jilani
  51. Li Kentgen, author of The 3 C’s of Belonging 
  52. Lisa Kuznak, author of Mechanical Pulp
  53. Luke Burgis, author of Anti-Mimetic - and author at racist Quillette
  54. Lyle McKeany, author of Just Enough to Get Me in Trouble
  55. Malcolm Cochran, author of Antheros - author at racist Quillette
  56. Matt Taibbi, author of Racket News - awful, signed this letter too
  57. Maurissa, author of RissaJean: Field Notes on Love, Life, and Loss 
  58. Meghan Daum, author of The Unspeakable with Meghan Daum anti-feminist, author at racist Quillette
  59. M. E. Rothwell, author of Cosmographia
  60. Michaela McKuen, author of McKuen Musings
  61. Michael C. Moynihan, host of The Fifth Column - racist idiot Andrew Sullivan considers him an "old friend"
  62. Michael Mohr, author of Sincere American Writing - fake leftist who counts himself among a pack of right-wing idiots and Quillette authors:  "This, in turn, allowed many of us—including some very prominent writers, such as Ted Gioia, Glenn Loury, Freddie DeBoer, Ben Dreyfus, Bridget Phetasy, Matthew Taibbi, Richard Dawkins, and others—the opportunity to sign a pro-free speech letter written by Elle Griffin."
  63. Michael Nayna, author of The Process - far-right promoter of Putinbot ghoul Konstantin Kisin
  64. Michael Shellenberger author of Public - rightwing ghoul, also signed this letter
  65. Michael Shermer, author of Skeptic magazine - blatant racist and Pinker's pal also signed this letter
  66. Nellie Bowles, author of Chosen by Choice idiot wife of the contemptible Bari Weiss, also signed this letter
  67. Nikita Petrov, author of Psychopolitica - apparently a Koch employee, works for the far-right Manhattan Institute's Glenn Loury
  68. N.S. Lyons, author of The Upheaval - anti-feminist asshole
  69. Paul Kingsnorth, author of The Abbey of Misrule - religious fanatic and anti-vaxxer nut job
  70. Paul L Jordan III, author of The Taproot 
  71. Peter Boghossian, author of Peter Boghossian - utterly contemptible, part of the Harlan Crow-funded FAIR grift. Signed this letter too.
  72. Peter Clayborne, author of Anarchy Unfolds  - signed both the pro and anti-Nazi letters - JFC
  73. Phisto Sobanii, author of The Partisan - aaaasshole who cites the ghoulish Matt Taibbi as a voice  of reason
  74. Rachel Haywire, author of The Cultural Futurist 
  75. Rav Arora, author of The Illusion of Consensus - right-wing anti-vaxxer
  76. Razib Khan, author of Unsupervised Learning - racist idiot
  77. Richard Dawkins, author of The Poetry of Reality - cranky old bigot, also signed this letter
  78. Rob Henderson, author of Rob Henderson’s Newsletter rightwing idiot, author at racist Quillette
  79. Ruth Gaskovski, author of School of the Unconformed  - Luddite
  80. Sam Kahn, author of Castalia - aaaaaasshole - author at the asshole-infested Persuasion, another bunch of reactionary letter-signers
  81. Samuel Lopez-Barrantes, author of if not, Paris
  82. Sarah Haider, author of Hold That Thought - rightwing idiot also signed this letter
  83. Sasha Latypova, author of Due Diligence and Art - anti-vaxxer nut job
  84. Scott D, author of Moderately Offline
  85. Dr Sharon Blackie, author of The Art of Enchantment 
  86. Slavoj Žižek, author of ŽIŽEK GOADS AND PRODS - anti-trans reactionary also signed this letter
  87. Tabitha Blair, author of Rudegal Tab Rants - anti-vaxxer nut job
  88. Taylor Foreman, author of The Creativity Gap - idiot
  89. Ted Gioia, author of The Honest Broker - author at racist Quillette, City Journal and Bari Weiss's Substack
  90. Tomas Pueyo, author of Uncharted Territories - gender essentialist creep
  91. Walter Kirn, author of Unbound - ally of the ghoulish Matt Taibbi and the even more ghoulish Christopher Rufo - also signed this letter
  92. Zachary Davis, author of Wayfare

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