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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Quillette publishing "Shuichi Tezuka" promoting Betty Wills' "Justapedia"

One of the things that makes "Shuichi Tezuka" angriest is the fact that Wikipedia does not accept race pseudoscience as science, and removed its article on the untested and sketchy "Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" hypothesis, dreamed up by two hardcore racists.

The article is now on a Wikipedia wannabe, "Justapedia." according to "Shuichi Tezuka" writing in racist rag Quillette.

The founder and CEO of Justipedia is Betty Wills, who has apparently been a busy Wikipedia editor under the name "Atsme."

"Shuichi Tezuka" sees Justapedia as a virtual religious crusade:

Betty Wills, with her initial attempts to reform Wikipedia and her subsequent founding of a competitor, has stepped into the role of Martin Luther, who initially tried to stop the Church’s financial abuses via internal Church processes, and went on to become the founder of Protestantism. The initial backlash against Luther’s ideas led to him being excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church and condemned as an outlaw by his government, but his eventual success provides an image of the type of outcome can be optimistically hoped for in Wills’s case. Not only did Protestantism go on to become one of the major branches of Christianity, but the Roman Catholic Church eventually implemented its own set of internal reforms known as the Counter-reformation, which included better training for priests and an end to the selling of indulgences.

Somehow the Quillette article fails to mention that Rational Wiki does have an article on the Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence (NHAI) (by yours truly) that is far more informative than the one at Justapedia. For example, although the Justapedia article mentions Steven Pinker's support for NHAI, it does not discuss how important both Pinker and the NYTimes' Nicholas Wade were in promoting the untested and sketchy hypothesis based on race pseudoscience assumptions.

The Rational Wiki NHAI article also quoted Pinker claiming that NHAI would be "easy to test." And yet for some reason Pinker and his hereditarian gang haven't ponied up the money to get it tested. Why is that exactly?

Also in Rational Wiki is the information that "Shuichi Tezuka" was a pseudonym used by Emily Willoughby's boyfriend Jonathan Kane:

Kane and Willoughby have defended Emil Kirkegaard and they all edited race and IQ related articles with overlapping edits as a sort of 'tag-team' with the same point of view.[53][54][55]

Kane was permanently banned on January 9, 2020.[56] On October 22, 2020 Kane and Willoughby published an article, "The left-wing bias of Wikipedia", in The Critic, complaining about a lack of "viewpoint diversity", including on the race and intelligence article. Deceptively, neither used their real names; Willoughby used the pseudonym Linda A. Ashtear, and Kane, Shuichi Tezuka.[11] Despite claiming Wikipedia has a left-wing bias, neither mentioned their own right-wing bias and problematic edits.

Emily Willoughby is a bigwig in the International Society for Race Pseudoscience Intelligence Research, which has always been happy to publish the work of creepy weirdo racist Emile Kirkegaard 

ISIR is an organization founded by hard-core racists like Linda Gottfredson and associated with the Institute for Mental Chronometry, an organization founded by racist Arthur Jensen to promote his racist ideas. The organization recently gave Willoughby and fellow race pseudoscience promoter James J. Lee a sweet payday.

Speaking of things taking a long time, the International Society for Race Pseudoscience Intelligence Research still has not published artifacts from its 2023 conference. So far the only artifacts I've been able to find is the sausage fest video featuring a whole bunch of racist goons published by the racists at Aporia; and an interview with Frank Worrell on YouTube

It should be noted that unlike both Wikipedia and Rational Wiki, Justapedia is not editable by just anybody, you must have an account with Justapedia or you can't add anything. The better to control the message, I assume.

So the real question here is how far-right and racist is Betty Wills? Although Wills, like all the far-right, complains about Wikipedia's "left-wing bias" she claims to want neutrality:

While Wills indicated that she is aware Wikipedia’s left-wing bias as something Justapedia must avoid, in her interview she strongly resisted the notion that she or Justapedia should therefore be classified as right-wing. She indicated that political bias is only one of many aspects of Wikipedia that Justapedia seeks to improve upon.

But the fact that "Shuichi Tezuka" and Quillette are promoting her project is not a good sign.

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