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Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Institute of Mental Chronometry gives money to its gang members - and the University of Minnesota is so proud

Here I was just saying that the "Institute of Mental Chronometry" doesn't seem to do much except for provide support services to the International Society for Race Pseudoscience Intelligence Research.

I also mentioned the organization was founded for/with Arthur Jensen and was once called "Institute for the Study of Educational Differences" and received a grant of $337,500 from the Pioneer Fund.

Well if you think $337,500 was a lot of money for race pseudoscience, hold onto your hats!

The Institute of Mental Chronometry has just given over half a million dollars to two promoters of race pseudoscience

$530,129 to be exact.

Emily Willoughby of course is on the board of the race pseudoscience-loving International Society for Intelligence Research

James J. Lee is also associated with ISIR, but their website does not say how. 

Emil Kierkegaard is a big fan of Lee's brand of race pseudoscience.

I wrote an email to the University of Minnesota pointing this out to them, but I don't think they're going to be overly concerned. The University of Minnesota has also taken money from the Pioneer Fund.

I've said many times, although race pseudoscience is garbage, it is extremely lucrative.

If you were a person of color - or just a person of conscience - would you want to send your kid to a school that harbors race pseudoscience ghouls?

But wait, with all that money... does this mean we are finally going to get that state-of-the-art mental chronometry apparatus that Jensen promised us?

And the ISIR still has not posted any documents pertaining to its 2023 Racist Rodeo yet. 

Geez, with all the money they have slopping around...

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