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Friday, August 25, 2023

It's the Racist Rodeo sausage-fest yee-haw

The Substack hosted Aporia is a racist garbage site, and an employer of neo-Nazi Bo Winegard

It claims it's trying to "move the Overton window" which is race pseudoscience lingo for "make race pseudoscience acceptable outside of racist circles."

But thanks to a heads-up from Oliver Smith, I find that the creeps at Aporia have shared a video of some of the race-obsessed weirdos who showed up for the Racist Rodeo sausage-fest, that is the 23rd annual conference of the International Society for Race Pseudoscience Intelligence Research.


Professor Greg Clark - economic historian and hereditarian idiot.

Book review of his The Son Also Rises in The Economist:
One inescapable judgment is, as Mr Clark says, that “a completely meritocratic society would most likely also be one with limited social mobility.” He does not say that American blacks are poor because they are black. His work implies, however, that poor blacks remain so because they are descended from people with low social competence; discrimination is irrelevant, except to the extent that it limits intermarriage with other groups. “The Son Also Rises” may not be a racist book, but it certainly traffics in genetic determinism.

Frank Worrell - I assume if he bumped into Clark they avoided discussing Clark's theory that Black people are descended from low social competence losers. No doubt Worrell is getting paid too well by the gang at ISIR to embarrass them like that.

Razib Khan, of course. What would he do with himself if it weren't for his (well-remunerated) obsession with race? Do some actual science?

William Revelle - likes to cite racists in his work including Rushton.

Edward Dutton - right-wing extremist who covers all the bigotry bases. Some goon keeps commenting on my Pinkerite talk page on Rational Wiki claiming Dutton is talking shit about me on his discord. I will report more about that claim once I can track down a valid email address for Dutton - his college email account doesn't seem to work.

Sam Thyssen - he's listed as an "entrepreneur" but I can't find anything about him online. I guess he just gives money to ISIR and they want to butter him up.

Professor Andrew Conway - thinks Andrew Sullivan is the smartest guy he's ever met, so that pretty much tells you all you need to know about him. 

Except that he likes to retweet Richard Hanania.

Gavin Tredoux - A creep who shares his love of Uber-racist Galton with racist Aporia* while collecting genetic data for a company called Traitwell DNA Testing. I wonder what he does with data from Black clients.

It's just one big happy asshole sausage-fest, there at the Racist Rodeo. But where's the Steven Pinker interview?

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