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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bret Weinstein promoting more IDW bullshit about race

I'm much more comfortable bashing race science promoters than the "social justice" left, even when represented by Robin DiAngelo, so I'm moving on from my series on her. And onto one of the official members of the "Intellectual Dark Web" Bret Weinstein.

Not long ago Weinstein revealed that in spite of his constant claims of being a liberal, he is completely in the tank for race science and race essentialism, when he tried to use vague and careless terminology in a NYTimes article written by a non-scientist to claim victory for the biological reality of race.

In this tweet we see Weinstein trying to suggest that racism is part of evolution.

Weinstein has a typical evolutionary psychology belief that humans always act in favor of their own offspring, or contrariwise, to attack the offspring of others as with Wilson and Daily claims about stepfathers killing children, a claim that was debunked by anthropologist R. Brian Ferguson.

It's not surprising that Weinstein ignores the counter-example of American slavery since one of the goals of the IDW is to erase African American history in order to maintain that the failure of African Americans to thrive, post slavery is to due to genetics, rather than systemic oppression.

Thanks to relatively recent commercialized DNA testing it's been shown that on average African Americans have twenty-five percent non-African ancestry, which, since white and black marriage was criminalized in the United States right up until 1967, in addition to being a social taboo, is almost all the result of slaves being raped by white men.

So many white Americans believed that a master had a right to rape his slaves that when Celia, a slave, fought back and killed her master who was trying to rape her, she was convicted of murder and executed for it.

Clearly the slavers who raped their slaves and then kept the resulting children - their own children - as slaves, to mistreat them or sell them or even murder them as they wished, didn't care about lineage.

Weinstein would do better to say that racism can lead to the rejection of lineage entirely.

But Weinstein has two reasons to push nonsense about race and lineage competition:

  • It is part of the simple-minded & extreme adaptationism promoted by evolutionary psychology with its untestable claims of "lineage competition."
  • It denies the reality of slave rape, an important aspect of the history of African Americans, and the way the slaver-rapists treated their own "lineage."

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